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When it comes to hosting your website the options may seem endless… with hundreds of different hosting companies and agencies offering different packages with a variety of products; it can be extremely tiresome trying to find the right choice, for the right price.

At Top Shelf Media, our web hosting server has been built around an iron wall of security and we have never had a site go offline. Be worry-free when you purchase one of our hosting packages knowing your site will have an outstanding up-time paired with complete protection.

We run a high power dedicated server – which means we have full control, and you’ll never run into issues with your server neighbors.


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Free for small business customers

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur in your first year of business? If so, then you qualify for our free hosting package (subject to conditions). Save time and money by letting Top Shelf Media take care of all your hosting needs, free of charge!

Affordable hosting for larger clients

Once a business has reached a certain level, a basic web hosting package may not be the best option to choose. You'll still be on our dedicated server, but we give you more juice.

Tailored packages based on needs

Whether you have your own custom needs for your hosting package, or your project relies on some extra pizazz, we can offer the correct recommendations for making the right decision.

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