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Web Design

We often hear, why is web design important? Well, proper web design helps to increase conversions while also providing functionality and usefulness to your customers. Additionally, visually pleasing designs increase the ability to distinguish your website from the vast variety of competition presently online.

You may often wonder, how can I get my website to stand-out? How can I reach the same level of professionalism as my peers in the online world?

Fear not! The design team at Top Shelf Media is committed to bringing the highest level of service to you. Using the latest trends, we can provide a design to give you a competitive edge in the online world.

Alexander Foster

Basically a programming ninja, doesn't say no to a challenge. Big fan of things that do stuff, usually around doing things just to be doing stuff.

Responsive web design

Over 60% of online searches for websites are done through mobile or tablet in 2018. That means your customers are on the go, and your brand should be too! Any major brand or company that isn’t following a “mobile FIRST” philosophy will be left behind by search engines, resulting in dramatically less traffic and conversions.

Your website should be created dynamically, meaning it changes its layout and structure according to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. Your customers will be able to reach you easily from their cellphones/tablets, and your rankings will rise on Google as a result.

Designed for SEO

Google's algorithm is adapting to new internet trends faster than most people can see. It is our job to be constantly on the lookout for new adaptations and standards to these trends. All of our web designs are built around premier customer service and experience, while also catering to Google's standards.

Designed to achieve goals

The digital ecosystem of today leaves room open for anyone to achieve their goals online. Whether you have a custom website design plan to be made from scratch, or an already existing website in need of updates, we can help! We can create or take your digital assets, establish your goals and work with you to achieve them.

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