Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines send robots to read your site and figure out what it’s all about. If your site isn’t set up properly, these robots will read it incorrectly. or worse – not at all. Make sure you’re eligible to show on Google with our Calgary SEO services.

On-Site SEO

The first step of SEO is to make sure what’s actually on your page is optimized. We do that through keyword research and implementation, and also through site structuring and coding to make sure it’s readable by search engine robots.

Off-Site SEO

Once you’re site is working perfectly for SEO, it’s time to make sure it’s getting the reputation it deserves elsewhere. We’re not going to bore you with details here, but there are certain things that help your site rank better that need to come from other places on the web. This can be a long and tedious process, but we know what we’re doing and work efficiently.

Monitoring and Developing

The final step (and one of the most important) is monitoring your site’s progress on Google. We see what’s working and what isn’t and make alterations based on that data.