Website Planning

When you initially start planning your website, the whole process can feel extremely overwhelming. Let us take care of all the project planning work for you. Top Shelf Media excels at bringing clients online business plans that are clear, informative, and helpful.

The steps involved in a website plan include completing competitive market analysis, wireframing, prototyping, coding, as well as the financials and budget for the website.

Set yourself off on the right track by having the upper-hand over the competition with a website plan done by Top Shelf Media. A proper plan leads to increased traffic, more leads, and more sales.


Basically a programming ninja, doesn't say no to a challenge. Your mom is a huge fan of him. Big fan of things that do stuff, usually around doing thing just to be doing stuff.

Development of your ideas

Help improve and build upon new or old ideas that you may have. We can build a plan that custom fits your business’s needs and goals, and tailor everything to your specifications and budget.

Ensuring Compatibility

The internet is rapidly changing at the speed of light, and it can be rather hard at times to keep up with all the technology that is newly available. Top Shelf Media will ensure that your website stays up-to-date with current web & browser standards to minimize bugs and downtime.

Planning and Structuring

Top Shelf Media takes your project from start to finish effectively and efficiently. We will handle everything from the initial wireframes through to the design and programming of the website. Our client relations are built on the transparency of our work, and this is best shown through our effective strategic planning process.

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