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Everyone does things a little differently to anyone else. We have our own process for creating websites that ensures that your website comes out exactly as you want it.


Basically a programming ninja, doesn't say no to a challenge. Your mom is a huge fan of him. Big fan of things that do stuff, usually around doing thing just to be doing stuff.

Initial Meeting

We’ll meet with you, either in person, or in an online meeting and we’ll discuss your website requirements. We discuss every aspect of your project up front, and so there are never any nasty surprises.

Planning Phase

We take a look at your brand, and ensure that there’s something solid to build off of. If not, we will help you to develop your brand to ensure that your website design is consistent with every other aspect of your business.

Web Design

Once we’ve ensured that your brand is good, we design mockups of your website’s home page and any other pages that are crucial. We review the mockups with you, take in your feedback and make any edits you’d like.

Foundation Development

We develop the “foundation” of your website. That normally involves creating the header, main navigation, homepage and a footer. At this point we’ll review the web design with you again, to ensure we’re still heading in the right direction.

Remaining Web Development

In this stage we complete the rest of your website. We come to you one more time to get feedback and make any edits to the website that you may want. We strongly believe that we’re not done designing your website until you’re 100% happy with it.

Optimization and Launch

We make every optimization your website needs – speed, SEO and so on. We test your website across various browsers and devices to make sure it’s perfect. Lastly, we either deploy the website on your server, or you can talk to us about hosting it on our server.

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