Top 10 Best Apps To Get In 2019 for Android And iOS

Every year we see the release of more intuitive apps that help us entertain, educate, and control our lives in a better fashion.

That’s why we have come up with this list of the top 10 best apps to get in 2019. See what different apps have been released or updated in the last year, and how they can help make your life easier and more fun.

FireFox Reality

Mozilla has outdone themselves again with their new Firefox Reality VR web browser. Firefox Reality seamlessly integrates 2D, 3D, and augmented reality experiences into your VR headset.

You can fully immerse yourself in a wide array of virtual/augmented reality experiences and games.

Although it may require a few bug fixes and stability improvements – the app is still a rising contender in the VR world.

Price: Free

Available: Viveport, Oculus, & DayDream app stores

Alexa & Google Home

With the rise of smart home technologies it is no wonder that these apps have made their way onto our list.

Whether you are an Amazon or Google fanatic – one of these apps is right for you!

Smart home applications take care of your home in a number of ways. From controlling the temperature to playing a familiar tune around the house, these apps have a crazy amount of power!

The only downside is you need an Alexa or Google Home device to use the app!Alexa & Googe Home apps are taking over

Price: Free 

Google News

Lets face it… there are thousands of news articles floating around the web, all with their own bias and level of reliability. That’s why we need a trusted news source to help us dig through the muck.

In comes Google News! The customizable and thorough news app that aggregates different articles across the web into your feed.

Google News actively keeps readers informed about the nature of the content they are reading, and prevents the spread of misinformation.

You get all of these great features while still being highly customizable! Get access to tons of different themes and options for you to choose from.

What more could you want from a news app!?Google News App LogoPrice: Free

Download: Google Play & iTunes App Store

Adobe Premier Rush CC

This video-editing software created by Adobe allows users to quickly edit videos on the fly with a high level of quality and usability.

Spice up your footage before posting your creations to Instagram or Facebook with a wide variety of filters and additional features.

Adobe Premier Rush CC is available for $9.99, and doesn’t require any subscription to the desktop program.

Adobe Premiere Rush CC video editor for mobile devices

Price: $9.99

Download: Adobe

Enlight Pixaloop

Pixaloop by Enlight is an amazing app that gives you the ability to add breathtaking effects to your photos before posting them.

The app brings photos to life using different animated loops and overlays and the results can be truly breathtaking when done right.

Check out the example below!

Price: Free/$20 per year/$60 one-time payment

Download: iTunes

Google Lens

Google Lens is another amazing app created by the engineers at Google that has the potential to change the way we search on mobile forever.

This AI powered application allows you to search for pretty much anything using the camera on your smart device.

The app uses the camera to “see” the information present around it. This could be a product at a shop, a famous building, or a cute puppy you want to know the breed of.

You can also use Google Lens to save contacts phone numbers or addresses from business cards and schedule events with Google Scheduler.

You can download Google Lens on the Play Store and on iOS through the Google Photos app.


Google Lens Application example

Price: Free

Download: Google Play


PlayJ is an app created by Sony that is currently in beta, and available on all android devices.

What it does is simple, but truly powerful! PlayJ allows you to share your screen with your friends or colleagues while in a video chat together.

Stream any app directly to your friends phone while still maintaining the ability to see and talk to them.

This means you can watch videos, or go over documents together right from your phone.

Beta version available on the Play Store. Not available for iOS

Price: Free

Download: Google Play

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is a highly regarded podcast listening app that provides a streamlined experience to its a wide array of users.

Access thousands of your favorite podcasts right from your phone using their newly updated UI, and discover your next addiction!

Pocket Casts has taken the curation of their shows very seriously, and wants to prove that by showing you relevant content as much as possible.

Their newly updated discovery features are tuned to give you the content best suited for you effortlessly.

Available on both the iTunes and Google Play store.

Pocket Casts application example

Price: $5.49

Download: Google PlayiTunes


If you are one of those parents that wants to keep your child’s mind focused while still interacting with the world around them – this is the app for you!

Wonderscope is an augmented reality app based around telling children fun and educating stories.

Get rid of the guilt that fills you up when you hand your child some mind-numbing game, and replace it with the feeling of childhood joy!

Wonderscope comes with one free story with each one after that costing $4.99.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download: iTunes


When it comes to internet security – you can never be safe enough! With the popularization of VPNs (virtual private networks), and encryption services like LastPass users can start to take more control over their level of security online.

LastPass takes all of your passwords and stores them behind a thoroughly tested wall of encryption.

Once you have the browser extension installed you can begin synchronizing all of your password information over to LastPass, and start accessing your accounts with ease.

LastPass also features the ability to share this information with family and friends in a secure manner. Simply grant the person access to whatever information you like without them actually seeing what the password is. LastPass works great for work spaces and families alike.

Download the app on Google Play or the iOS store.

LastPass application example

Price: Free/$24 per year

Download: Google Play – iTunes App Store


The apps of today help us achieve great things and manage our lives on a whole new level.

Every year sees the release of new ground-breaking ideas that shake the very foundation of society. From Alexa to Uber – we see these types of technological manifestations all the time.

And remember… if you have a good app idea, sit down and talk with a professional about it. You would be surprised with what you can come up with.

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