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How To Skyrocket Your CTR With These Proven Tips

One of the most important metrics in any marketer’s toolbox is click through rate, otherwise known as “CTR”. This is the metric that tracks how many users actually click on your advertisements or web pages in search engines. In this week’s article...

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The Only SEO Guide You Need To Get Your Site Ranked

It can be difficult to get ranked on the top page of Google. That’s why our Columnist Liam Abbott takes you through a Step-by-Step guide to getting your site optimized and ranked on the web.The way your site is optimized for search engines gre...

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SEO Through Quality Keywords – Performance Based SEO

At the best of times SEO can seem like black magic sprinkled on websites by witch doctor-like designers.The idea is simple– to rank better with search engines – but the methods are often debated and constantly changing, which is why business o...

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Boosting SEO Through Quality Writing

The Key to SEO friendly content We usually abandon a website in around 10-20 seconds. That’s around 30-60 words per minute for the average reader. But, if we stay on for more than 30 seconds we’re much more likely to hang around to see what the s...

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Why Is SEO Important For Small Businesses?

I get asked this question all the time, and it's usually one of the first things prospective clients asks me. I thought I'd just put together a little roundup to explain - so why is SEO important for small businesses? Firstly, what is SEO? SEO i...

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