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How To Write A Professional Blog Post In Under 1 Hour

Are you trying to improve your blog writing skills? In this week’s article, we are going to walk you through the different steps on how to write a professional blog post in under one hour! We’ll go over the initial steps of writing a blog post, what to look out for, how to layout a…

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How To Find Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Finding blogs that accept guest posts is by far the hardest part of the guest blogging process. Guest posting can be a great tool for new bloggers and website owners trying to find their footing, and for those looking to garner a few extra links for search engine optimization. Guest posting as a great way to earn…

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7 Trends For A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Have you been using the same strategy for all your digital marketing efforts over the last few years? If so, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Digital marketing is a highly dynamic field and the competition is tough, so you really do need whatever edge you can get. In this post, we’ll look…

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How To Do Email Outreach Without Making It Look Like Spam

Last Friday morning I received an email from Andrew. This email was very much like any other many of us receive on what seems like an almost hourly basis. A shameless attempt at getting a link shared because “your readers would really enjoy it” without any real benefit to you. The funny part is that these…

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SEO Through Quality Keywords – Performance Based SEO

At the best of times SEO can seem like black magic sprinkled on websites by witch doctor-like designers. The idea is simple– to rank better with search engines – but the methods are often debated and constantly changing, which is why business owners spend money on SEO experts to spread their voodoo on their websites….

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Boosting SEO Through Quality Writing

The Key to SEO friendly content We usually abandon a website in around 10-20 seconds. That’s around 30-60 words per minute for the average reader. But, if we stay on for more than 30 seconds we’re much more likely to hang around to see what the site is selling. But how does that relate to…

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