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How To Skyrocket Your CTR With These Proven Tips

One of the most important metrics in any marketer’s toolbox is click through rate, otherwise known as “CTR”. This is the metric that tracks how many users actually click on your advertisements or web pages in search engines. In this week’s article...

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How to Boost Traffic And Make The Most Of Your Website

No matter how good a site is, it still has to be found by the right people. One of the most common questions I hear from clients when I talk to them about their website is: “Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?” and “How can I fix it?”. Today, w...

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How Much Should My Website Cost?

This week in the Top Shelf Media blog, we are going to talk to about how much a website can cost and what you should expect from your agency or freelancer. There are many different aspects that can affect the cost of your site, and you deserve to ...

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Top 8 Web Development Trends in 2019

The world of web is an ever-changing whirlwind of technology with new trends emerging every year. In this article, we will discuss how web development has changed over the last year, and what we can expect from 2019.From Blockchain technology ...

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The Only SEO Guide You Need To Get Your Site Ranked

It can be difficult to get ranked on the top page of Google. That’s why our Columnist Liam Abbott takes you through a Step-by-Step guide to getting your site optimized and ranked on the web.The way your site is optimized for search engines gre...

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